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Vitariche Luxe Cream If making a decision to apply hyaluronic acid, it's miles extremely important to keep in mind that it should be administered best after the pores and skin has completely healed after the tattoo technique! How is the tattoo of the eyes? For many girls, this technique causes exquisite difficulty because it's miles executed in a really tender and sensitive region. There is a excessive opportunity that at the slightest incorrect movement you can reason serious damage. If you agree with a demonstrated and authorized specialist, then you definately have nothing to worry about. We offer you to make yourself familiar with the basic strategies of eye tattoo: an arrow barely raised up at the outer nook of the eye lifts the eyes; the arrow between the cilia visually makes them extra lush; ornamental arrow "Bridget Bordeaux"; arrow at the lower eyelid; feathered arrow on the upper eyelid; feathered arrow at the lower eyelid. Before making use of the tattoo on the eyelids, as well as every other sort of tattoo, you ought to bear in mind all the capabilities of your appearance and pay attention to the recommendation of a consultant. This will help to spotlight the advantages, rather than highlight the negative aspects. The latter situation, unluckily, is a totally not unusual occurrence.