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Vision RX20 I hear it from my clients all the time: "I'm trying to lose weight, eat better, do all the right things, but I don't know whether I can put my family through this." Making changes in your lifestyle can be perceived by others as a selfish act. However, when it comes to your Health and well-being, a little selfishness once in a while may be necessary. Your commitment must be focused on your own needs first or it will not last long. It is important to communicate this calmly and clearly to your loved ones, so they can understand the meaning of your actions and eventually support them.Whenever the dog reaches to the last 25% of their life span, they are considered as the aging dog or older or geriatric. Especially when small breed of greater than 12 years, medium one more than 10 years, large breed greater than 9 years and giant breed greater than 7 years of age, are considered as old age dogs.